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Brand: White
Cut today Quantity to choose from Height 70 -80 cm satin ribbon Registration at will as a gift..
595 грн.
Ex Tax:595 грн.
Brand: White
Luxurious white imported rose (Holland) 90-100 cmthick stemlarge bud 7-8 cmsatin ribbonregistration at the request of the client..
4,900 грн.
Ex Tax:4,900 грн.
Brand: White
White local roses Avalanche 60-80 cm Premium grade, highest quality Cut off today at 7:30 am Quantity by choice satin ribbon Care instructions The price varies from quantity, wholesale price when ordering from 100 roses. It is more profitable to take large bouquets. Found a premium..
100 грн.
Ex Tax:100 грн.
101 roses in a hatbox 101 roses in a hatbox
Hot -13 %
Brand: White
101 white roses oasis decor satin ribbon hat box..
3,280 грн. 3,775 грн.
Ex Tax:3,280 грн.
Brand: White
White (light cream) rose 101 pcs. Lined with a beautiful dome Floral paper Satin ribbon Tab for the bouquet..
4,999 грн.
Ex Tax:4,999 грн.
Brand: White
101 white roses 1 meter satin ribbon..
10,800 грн.
Ex Tax:10,800 грн.
35 white roses in a hatbox 35 white roses in a hatbox
-29 %
Brand: White
35 roses 60 cm Bonnet Care recommendations..
1,780 грн. 2,490 грн.
Ex Tax:1,780 грн.
Brand: White
39 roses oasis bag-basket Care recommendations..
1,792 грн. 1,950 грн.
Ex Tax:1,792 грн.
Brand: White
11 / 19 roses (red or white choice) Newspaper print..
990 грн.
Ex Tax:990 грн.
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