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Brand: Viloet-maroon
865 грн.
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Brand: Viloet-maroon
Milka chocolate milky 2 pcs. Milka chocolate porous 2 pcs. Milka chocolate with nuts 2 pcs. Milka chocolate with hazelnut and caramel 2 pcs. Milka cookies 1 pack. basket..
1,093 грн.
Ex Tax:1,093 грн.
Brand: Pink
Kinder Surprise  Kinder Bueno  Kinder Chocolate   Kinder Chocolate with cereals  Aquarium box Satin ribbon and bow..
1,450 грн.
Ex Tax:1,450 грн.
wooden box Nuttella  350 g Kinder suprise - 11 straw decor..
1,390 грн.
Ex Tax:1,390 грн.
Brand: Bright
Kinder Choco Bono Milka Kinder chocolate Milky Way Coca Cola decor paper raffia registration..
950 грн.
Ex Tax:950 грн.
wooden box Nuttella great- 1 Kinder suprise - 3 Kinder bueno - 3 Ferrero Rocher -1 Raffaello - 1 Kinder Chocolate - 5 boxes of 8 servings straw decor tree postcard as a gift..
1,957 грн.
Ex Tax:1,957 грн.
Basket Kinder surprise (only with Kvitami) straw decor satin ribbon..
678 грн.
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Brand: Viloet-maroon
Candies sweets chocolate decor paper raffia registration..
845 грн.
Ex Tax:845 грн.
Brand: Viloet-maroon
A wonderful gift for a little boy or girl, mom and child will be delighted with such an original gift. baby juice Gerber baby puree Gerber barney Milupa cookies children's fruit snack registration decor tape..
865 грн.
Ex Tax:865 грн.
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