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Here you can find flowers is Dnipro with delivery: roses, chrysanthemum, tulips, orchids and others

101 red roses 101 red roses
Hot -25 %
Brand: Red
Contains of: 101 red rose varieties Grand Prix or Prestige satin ribbon tab to flowers..
2,650 грн. 3,555 грн.
Ex Tax:2,650 грн.
Brand: Pink
seasonal bright  flowers hatbox oasis satin ribbon decor..
1,700 грн.
Ex Tax:1,700 грн.
Brand: Viloet-maroon
Mix of flowers with packaging in lilac-lavender shadesGreensStylish design..
1,650 грн.
Ex Tax:1,650 грн.
Brand: Pink
Branches of the pink eustoma Non-woven fabric decor..
690 грн.
Ex Tax:690 грн.
51 roses in a hatbox 51 roses in a hatbox
-40 %
Brand: Red
51 roses oasis hat box..
1,970 грн. 3,270 грн.
Ex Tax:1,970 грн.
Brand: Pastel
seasonal flowers gentle colors hatbox oasis satin ribbon decor..
1,790 грн.
Ex Tax:1,790 грн.
Brand: Bright
Wild orchid (alstroemeria) bag in the form of a handbag satin ribbon..
973 грн.
Ex Tax:973 грн.
Brand: Bright
Author's work depend upon the selected color and size of the bouquet, available at the Flower Boutique..
1,757 грн.
Ex Tax:1,757 грн.
Brand: Bright
Protea or pineapple Orchid Eustoma Greenery Stylish design..
1,780 грн.
Ex Tax:1,780 грн.
Set "Romantic" Set "Romantic"
New Hot
Martini Asti or Proseco  Raffaello Flowers Heart shaped box..
1,390 грн.
Ex Tax:1,390 грн.
Brand: Green
Hydrangea  call for order..
1,650 грн.
Ex Tax:1,650 грн.
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